Creative people brainstorming in meeting


The initiative of forming peer-mentoring groups appeared at the previous ISDC in Delft in July 2016. The main purpose of such a group is to  allow fellow system dynamicists from all over the world with a wide range of SD experience  to learn the methodology of SD and build upon the body of knowledge.

Reasons to join a peer mentoring group

  • to increase effectiveness and progression of students research followed by significant professional development 

  • to receive feedback and constructive peer criticism, which is especially important for students who are at the beginning stage of their SD journey.

Process (subject to change)

  • Google Hangouts/Zoom/Skype

  • 1 hour meeting: 15 min presentation by one member, 45 min discussion

  • Number of participants: up to 10 people

  • See a promo video below

Peer mentoring groups are formed based on participants mutual research interests/topics:

  • Conflict & Security

  • Social-ecological systems 

  • Product & Innovation management